Thanks for all of your support and feedback!

Hello all, the past few days have been amazing as we watch all the comments left by our visitors from literally all over the world. We have blogs linking us from UK, Greece, Australia, India, China, and Japan. ( A big thanks to Engadget for picking up the UiRemote project! )

Thanks especially to some of you who said “You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting on this…”. It really motivates us to get it done as soon as possible so your burning desire can be satisfied ; ). (With adequate quality control of course)

Before I start answering the questions, I’d like to re-state what the UiRemote is, and what it isn’t, based on the comments we heard the past few days.

First, UiRemote is different from other full featured Universal Remotes. I don’t know about you, but I don’t like staring at about a hundred buttons on a Universal Remote trying to find how to change channels. We do not want to make the UiRemote interface cluttered with too many buttons.

Regular Universal Remotes have too many buttons trying to accomondate all the possible commands the users might need. Instead, the UiRemote users will simply choose to add only the buttons they really need from any device, and will be able to arrange the layout freely to simplify their needs. Why pay for all those buttons or functions you may never use on an overpriced Universal Remote?

The screenshots full of buttons shown before is just a demo. UiRemote, in its final form, will not have rows upon rows of buttons like that. You will be able to tap and drag buttons around into whatever positions you want.

Second, we know there are some Infrared remote applications available that allow you to control a separate infrared equipment box via Wifi. But UiRemote is designed to be a small standalone accessory that you can take with you anywhere you go, and controlling everything you encounter on the way. (once you commandeer the Remote for a few minutes to record all the buttons you’d like to use )

Fun applications would be to change the TV channels in that Sports Bar as some of you are so determined to do… Or to turn off the projector during the boring company meetings just to watch the CEO going nuts as I once did.

Personally, I would use UiRemote to imitate all those little remotes for all the small devices I have, such as Digital Photo Frames, Car Stereos, Camcorders, Fans, Air Conditioners, etc. I lose those small remotes constantly, and I hate to replace them when I really need the remotes. UiRemote will allow me to duplicate the functions of those remotes and always have a copy in my iTunes iPhone apps backup.

Third, Some people have mentioned that it will be hard to use touchscreen remotes. UiRemote will be designed to fully take advantage of iPhone’s advanced multi-touch touchscreen abilities, which means you no longer need to look at the screen for simple functions. It will make using Universal Remotes a brand new experience for iPhone users. We will update you with a demo when they become available.

Stay tuned for more info. Thanks again for visiting us!



  1. MetalMatrix said

    I’m curious to see how you will make use of the multi-touch features.

    One feature I love to use from “Pwnplayer” (an iPod player replacement app) is the ability to slide my finger up/down on the screen to change volume and left/right to change tracks. Something along these lines might be an interesting concept to look into. That way, at least for the the 4 most used button, people could have easy access to without having to look at the screen and find specific button.

    Video showing the concept can be found here at the 1min 50sec mark:

  2. champ22 said

    “The screenshots full of buttons shown before is just a demo. UiRemote, in its final form, will not have rows upon rows of buttons like that. You will be able to tap and drag buttons around into whatever positions you want.”

    heres just a thought, you guys should have the “screen swop” feature like the iPhone does with app pages….each page could be a different remote you own. or if you own 1-4 remotes maybe rows might be a good idea because i only use my surround sound remote to eject disc, change source, change volume and basic DVD functions.

  3. Tony Buser said

    It could be interesting to use the accelerometer for some things. Shake the phone to mute. Hold a button and then raise it up into the air to turn the volume up. Or flick your wrist up to go up a channel, flick it down to go down. That kind of thing.

  4. first said

    Спасибо посмеялся :)))))

  5. TJ said

    I like the idea of using gestures to change the channel or volume. Basically, press a single multiuse button that allows you to use the accelerometer to turn the channel up or down or turn the vol up or down depending on how the iphones orientation.

  6. Tracy said

    I am thrilled to think I might be able to finally retire my old Philips Pronto touchscreen universal remote control. It sounds like your app will be very similar to the Philips Pronto (which is a good thing). I’d personally like to see the desktop software (Philips Pronto has this and I find I program/tweak my remote functions more on the desktop than I do on the remote…coders like keyboards?) Also, think about offering an IR extender of some sort, possible using WIFI?? (Pronto has this option using UHF extenders for IR.) WIFI to IRextenders would be the icing on the cake…I could (theoretically) control every IR device in my home without the requirement of line-of-sight.

  7. sean said

    i would like the ability to flip back and forth (right or left ) between different “remotes” the way you flip or slide between photos in the camera roll

  8. Pook Guy said

    Great job!!!!!!

    heres my top 2 suggestions

    1. MACROS: like harmony remotes that control more than one device.. macros are vital!!!

    2. Interface editor: so we can edit the button layout the way we want

  9. Twilight said

    I think it will be a good idea to allow the app to take a snapshot of the remote then we can edit the layout of the remote and we can assign the position for ‘spots’ on the uiremote to correspond to each respective buttons on the real remote. That way, we’ll still feel like using the traditional remote as I believed we’re mostly used to the positions of the buttons of the real remote which I think how an ideal universal remote should be. Can’t wait for the release of your revolutionary product. I hope that you’ll export your product worldwide because I think they will sell like hot cakes especially to Asia as I’m from somewhere in Asia. Just keep working harder for the product guys!!!!

  10. AndyS said

    Wouldn’t it work better with wifi?

  11. tedeus said

    what can i say except WOW?
    i w8 to see the job done and to have it in my own poket soon as posible.i am a coder myself and i try to do my best to improve apple apps for me at the moment and i think ya ppl are doing a great job.keep on doing it 🙂

  12. Damien said

    Any updates on this project? I’m about to start building my own device, but if your device is going to be released soon I may just buy one from you guys!

  13. StephenRey said

    When can we expect any updates on this project??!??!? Ive been searching ALL OVER the internet but they are all from january: its the middle of july!!!

  14. Ant said

    I was extremely excited to find this page until I read the dates on the posts. I hope you guys didn’t give up! It’s amazing and I need it!

  15. Voiper said

    Tell me where to find the mini to infrared adapter…and I’ll build it right away!!!

  16. johnn said

    i want to know if is aredy on sale or not?

  17. BobW said

    You need to contact GE and look at licensing this technology to them so they can finally develop an app to be created on the iPhone to open Supra IR Lock boxes for Realtors. Blackberry has a Bluetooth to IR fob, and they’ve also made it work on Windows smart phones, but iPhone users are left out in the cold since developers are not able to create apps that take advantage of the Bluetooth functionality. There are several real estate blogs pointing to your page as a potential solution to the problem.

  18. Robin said

    Should I buy an 8GB iPOD Touch or a 32GB in anticipation of your module? I would prefer cheaper 8GB with the 3.1 Software

  19. Mitch said


    Promising app, however you MUST get the learning function happening on iPods,
    you will lose many customers without this, myself being one.

    Not everyone wants an iPhone, but a kickass remote, hell yes.

    Good Luck

  20. newcomer said

    Will the UI remote be usable by Voice commands?

  21. I think this is awesome, I had the idea for a Universal Infra-red remote, way back when i got the iPhone 3GS in June, so glad someones actually had the time and put the effort in to launch one. All of my house is Infra-red controlled, from Main lights, lamps and general Electronics to the door locks and blinds! So can’t wait to be able to control it all from my iPhone. Keep up the good work and can’t wait to make a purchase!

  22. Troll said

    One year without release and without information. The product sure is close to dead now.

  23. Anonymous said

    last comments from the developers back in Jan 2009; over a year ago! – has this project been abandoned?

  24. K2 HACKER said

    por favor disponibilizem para download pelo menos uma versao beta .

    como a que voces utilizaram no video.

    jah faz algum tempo que estou esperando o lançamento do programa e até agora nada.

    agradeceria muito se voces disponibilizassem a versao beta . obrigado aguardo resposta

    please make available for download at least a beta version.

    like the one we used in the video.

    jah a while I’m waiting for the launch of the program and so far nothing.

    would greatly appreciate it you just do make available the beta version. Thank await response

  25. Robert said

    I keep seeing this and asking if it is for real, but
    I did not get any answer yet?

    I really could use something like this

  26. arya solo said

    submitted to social bookmark, thanks for your useful informations ^_^

    wait before you buy touchscreen monitor

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