Get Notified When UiRemote Is Available!

Hello, thank you all who have inquired on the release date of UiRemote. We have created a Mailing List that you can subscribe to, so that you can be notified as soon as UiRemote becomes available and ready.

Please click here to sign up with your email address.

There will be absolutely no spam, and your email is confidential with us. We will be working hard in the coming month to finalize everything and keep you updated. All the best!



  1. Delt Ady said


  2. Mike Yeomans said

    Well done guy’s – it’s about time someone in the know used their common sense to develop a really useful device and not just another gimmick for the iphone. Apple themselves could do with more people like you on their team and stop wasting everyone’s time trying to come up with ways of limiting it’s use…!!

  3. Jim said

    Please let me know when this product will be available. How long before it will work on i touch? Will you be able to customize the buttons and label them?

    Thanks, Jim.

  4. OK I’m ready! Are we there yet?

  5. mq said

    Love the concept. I tried one on a Sony Ericsson and it worked “ok” but it had a lousy interface and nothing was configurable. I hope you are able to get this going so I can be one of the ones to praise it! I would suggest looking into RF also (for those who have multiple IR devices there is a great tool to connect the IR to RF so you do not have to point to the IR pickup). Would still want the IR to mess with others TV (you could not imagine how much fun that is – but make certain they are your true friends so they do not confiscate your phone and smash it!!).

  6. Espen said

    let me know when the product is done i want to buy it.
    this product is awsome

  7. Dana Jones said

    Great concept. I’m surprised that an app like this doesn’t exist already.

    Used to mess with sports fans in bars with a similar app – on my Newton.

    Good luck.

  8. Steve Connelly said

    Please let me know when this product is available to purchase 🙂

  9. Please let me know when this product is available.

  10. sfmitch said

    Keep me posted

  11. Steven taylor said

    How is this coming along?

  12. Sebastian said

    Please email when app is available

  13. Shane said

    Keep me posted on the UiRemote

  14. Scorff said

    That is great boys… really good work, but what happens to your terrible layout of the buttons?? That can be done a lot better, hope it’s a prototype layout you have shown!

    Best regards

  15. raju said

    this is awesome!!!
    Pls get this one out asap.


  16. CJ said

    great..this is what i’m looking for.
    pls. notify me when it is available

  17. Robin said

    Will it work with IPOD touch?

  18. Ryan L. said

    lol, don’t you love it when people don’t read? (ROBIN)


    the last update was in FEBURARY?? i can hardly contain myself!!!@@!@!! please, i’ve been searching and searching for something like this! it would rock my socks so hard! I KNOW I’M NOT THE ONLY ONE EITHER! CMON GUYS SHARE THE LOOVE!

  19. Maria Embie said

    Great work guys!!! I know plenty of people, myself included, who have been waiting….. and waiting…. and waiting for something like this! But what’s up with the lack of progress reports? Quoting Ryan L; Share the love!!! (Or at least an estimation… a month? years? has the project been cancelled????)

  20. This sounds like a great launching point for a wide range of apps. Are you still in development? It looks like it’s been a very long time since anything new was added here.

  21. Anonymous said

    is it ready yet

  22. Hi Guys,
    Please let me know when this product is available, it looks ideal for what I need.
    I run a company in Australia specialising in controlling blinds and screens.
    I am looking for a stand alone iPhone app to control them.
    I am very interested in your product and would be interested in bringing it to Australia.
    I already have customers asking for such an app and think it would sell very well here.
    Great work!
    Mark Belcher
    Techmark Australia PTY LTD

  23. gg said


  24. jad said

    Hi I would like to buy it when it would be sell in the market ?

  25. kurt said

    where can I buy this device ?
    Is it distributed yet ?



  26. USA said

    I saw this on Casahome’s page. It looks great. When can we buy the adapter and the UiRemote software? It’s 2011 already…..

  27. bryan said

    how can i get the software? pls send me one

  28. Manuel said

    Were I can buy this irem

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