UiRemote Still Under Development

Hello, thank you all who have inquired on the release date of UiRemote. We had a crazy busy month since January 2009. (Don’t forget we are still engineering students in last year of study with a full course load ).

We are working hard to finalize and improve the device and the app. However due to privacy issues we will not be able to provide any additional information about the product at this time. We would like to thank everyone sincerely for all the comments and suggestions they’ve given during the past two months.

We are still opening the Mailing List that you can subscribe to, so that you can be notified as soon as UiRemote becomes available and ready.

Please click here to sign up with your email address.

There will be absolutely no spam, and your email is confidential with us. We will be working hard in the coming month to finalize everything and keep you updated. All the best!


UiRemote is now confirmed to work on iPod Touch 2nd Gen ; ). However iPod Touch 1G will not be supported.



  1. bob said

    why delete the older blog posts?

  2. champ22 said

    well they said that the remote would be ready in about a months time and as you can see that due date came and went so people started to become antsy. leading to all their positive comments turning negative so in order to save face they got ride of the long list of people asking the same question “hey what the deal?, you said a month its been more and im willing to pay you guys cash why cant i have my ui remote?”

  3. Mark said

    Have you guys considered including voice control in the iPhone app? Perhaps for version 2? That would be handy.

    “TV Off”

  4. Ted T. said

    I’ve been dying for this App/IR gizmo, so please do finish it 🙂

    Your UI could stand improvement though — too many buttons, too much clutter. Try fewer, larger buttons with the ability to swipe between different screens containing additional groups of buttons. You could just the most used stuff on the main screen like Play/Pause; FF REW; skip forwards/backwards; Volume. Screen two you can have open; menu; enter; arrow key for menu navigation; subtitles; power
    Screen 3 Setup; zoom; etc. etc. you get the idea

  5. When release? The couples of month you said is gone
    So is release or not?

  6. Drew DeSantis said

    The iPhone OS 3.0 should be good for you guys. Getting approved wise. With the support of third party acceseries your app should go through in like 7 days

  7. John Wells said

    I’m anxiously awaiting this awesome software, if there are problems with hardware manufacturing or apple approval could you please consider releasing a jailbreak beta version with a schematic? If money is an issue you could still release it as a jailbreak app in the cydia store which now supports paypal and amazon payments. I would gladly pay up to $30 for this app in a heartbeat.

  8. champ22 said

    yea great point John if the app store is the only thing keeping you from releasing this thing go the jailbreak route. waiting on apple will take forever.

  9. MIke said

    Hey guys,
    It would also be cool if I could use my Iphone to RF my garage door and some of RF controlled Appliances.?

  10. Adam said

    Hey just wanted to check in and see how the progress is coming. I know you guys are still in school but just keep us posted don’t just leave us hanging for months. Thanks.

  11. Jared said

    Just checking to see how progress is going. Havnt seen any updates……

  12. EWP said

    no support for blackberry? that would be sweet

  13. Mark said

    Have you guys considered making use of the bluetooth functionality that was improved with OS 3.0 to allow control of devices such as the PS3?

  14. Chad said

    Did this idea get scrapped because that would be a shame. I am really looking forward to something like this.

  15. kkouik said

    Does it work with 3gs ?

  16. Nate said

    The idea is amazing, yet the software looks atrocious. I have the Logitech harmony 1000 and I don’t use it because it is crippled by its software. However the idea of fitting the IR is BRILLIANT. Take some notes, scratch that, completely revise the software according to Apple’s own remote app and then we’re talking!

  17. Dirk said

    Any news about launch time?


  18. Dennis said

    This looks fantastic!!! I have seen nothing like it out there…

    I was amazed about how you are using the headphone jack for IR communication. Is this planned for release to the App Store? Is there a schematic of the IR module or is a vendor going to produce these?

  19. Adam said

    Hey guys, any news on this product? I was thinking about making one myself and found you guys after some googling. It’s been 8 months since the prototype video, would you say it’s almost ready?

  20. Chad said

    I know you say that you guys are still in school and all, but your last post was about 6 months ago. Since before then I have had your website bookmarked and checked back weekly for updates. Still nothing! At least post something saying it’s still in production. Also about the school thing, didn’t Bill Gates drop out of college to pursue in software development? Also isn’t he the richest person in the world? Just saying!

  21. Lowgman said

    Seriously, if you happen to make this product a reality – you’ll be sitting pretty. Every other UR app out there requires extra hardware (costing over $100 or more), and a wireless network to accomplish what your method can with a simple IR dongle. With a little marketing you could be the next top app on the app store, beating the pants off of the competition due to the significantly lower cost… Seriously, you’re sitting on a goldmine. I’m half tempted to take the idea and do it myself if you won’t.

  22. Eric Jarvies said

    What is the status of the iPhone iR remote adapter? Are you going forward with it or not? Do you need funding?



  23. Bernie said

    I vote for a big fake, maybe they were thinking capable to do it but seems not , so long time without update or beta relase sound not good i relly thing they canceled ( they will anyway not the first team who cancel a iphone project)

  24. Ben said


  25. shlomi cohen said

    wen you going to relase the uiremote?
    and how mach it wil cost?
    im witing forever for the uiremote!
    please replay my email\

  26. Josh the Happy said

    You could at least announce the fact that you gave up on it…
    Or that Apple didn’t approve or whatever, been waiting for an update for some time now…

  27. Anonymous said

    Wow, you guys haven’t heard?

    When Logitech caught wind of this new little innovation threatening to snatch up a signifigant portion of their profits, they swooped in and bought these guys and the rights to their invention out. Either Logitech loses MILLIONS in sales because iPod Touch/iPhone owners realize they no longer need their universal remotes or Logitech doles out $100,000 a piece to two creative university students for rights to their idea.

    THAT’s why you haven’t heard a peep out of them – they no longer own the rights! If they even TRY to explain their silence, Logitech slaps a lawsuit on their arses and make their $200,000 right back!

    Just wait – Logitech uiRemote available soon in an AppStore near you!

  28. Anonymous said

    Just wait – Logitech uiRemote available soon in an AppStore near you!

    …For $100 I might add.

  29. Great… kinda great matter. I will blog about it also!

  30. JJ said

    Where did you get your information about Logitech?

  31. Ted T. said

    Yeah, it would be nice if they had the decency to post an update of any kind, even if it says “don’t bother waiting for an update/explanation”.

    Here is where we are right now: RedEye is out, definitely not vaporware. The iPhone app is free, the hardware costs $188.

    Also these guys just announced, could be more vaporware:

  32. David said

    Yeah, it’s been a year… I was really exited about it… I want it NOW…

  33. Bulent said

    That would be GREAT

  34. Questions said

    I saw your UTube video about the UiRemote for the Iphone. I have a few questions if you don’t mind. How do I get one and much will it cost? And will it work with other smart phones? Also with such a small unit, have you considered something a holster to clip on to the phone when the UiRemote is not being used? I tend to lose things often and that can get costly. I figured it would be easier to by it prefab instead of me casting up one myself : -)
    I’m sure I may have more question later. Thanks for your time.

  35. Bob said

    Jeremy: You do realize no updates have been posted in a year right?

  36. Dane said

    http://l5remote.com/ is all I can say. Add your email to the list and get a professional device with a professional app.

  37. Anonymous said

    Just came back here to post http://www.l5remote.com , but DAAAANE beat me to it. Lol

    Bet you it was a student who posted about logitech.

  38. friend said

    great idea, just not sure it will have good market response if not customizable. Imagine how different are people needs. Instead fixed application you should offer flexible system – say ICON LIBRARY, ICON EDITOR, MENU PAGE CONSTRUCTOR and MENU CONFIGURATOR. BTW, I would like to use any of common communication channels – InfraRed, Bluetooth, WiFi, mobile phone network …

  39. puff said

    Looks like another photoshopped vaporware…

  40. JJ said

    RedEye Mini: http://www.thinkflood.com

  41. Kap said

    Thought you might be interested in this idea: http://kapilaw.wordpress.com/2010/03/25/creating-the-best-universal-remote/

  42. Iphonejunky said

    Did these guys fall off the planet??? Is this ever comming out??

  43. Fred said

    It’s almost October 2010 – this was obviously a joke.

  44. I was also wondering what happened with this.

    Was it really just a joke ??

  45. MarcW. said

    What is the state of this project?
    No news?

  46. new iphone said

    UIremote is great..I llike it..

  47. Josh said

    Hey i was woundering is this out yet

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